Robert Keith Blankenship — Illustator/graphic designer based in usa

Illustration portfolio

Illustration, mascot, character

This is a sampling of my work as an Illustrator. I hope you enjoy it.

1st in a series of posters for our neighborhood Art Crawl... juxtaposition of the junkie with pop lyrics.

Eyes! Inspired by the New Order song Temptation.

Robots! New robot designs - turned into a pattern and repeated across for maximum effect. These are a bit more modern than my previous 'bots.. and twice as deadly!!

World Famous Explorer

Robot Picnic Rampage. Inside CD design for the Tullycraft tribute album. Based on one of my favorite sketches of American style robots.

Yeti Kite CD cover created for the Tullycraft indy music tribute album.

Very important personal project for me. This image came to me just before I lost my mother to cancer. It's based on my love of photographing old gas meters. Note he's running on steam-ghosts from the murdered hotdogs roasting inside him!

Tandem skeletons. Built for a t-shirt from some classic clipart, but never printed. I like it as a poster too.

2nd in a series for the neighborhood gallery crawl. Black humor mixed with pop music.

This was inspired by a bruise I gave myself with a heavy lead weight dropped on my foot. I thought it would make a nice alien ship!